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- Traditional and Japanese


Owner and tattoo artist, Craig Kelly, has been tattooing since 2007, and in that time has established himself as one of Ireland's leading tattoo artists.

Craig's passion for tattooing is unmatched, you will regularly catch him working at some of the most respected conventions in the industry including the London International Tattoo Convention. He has been featured in major tattoo magazines around the World, and has tattooed live on the BBC, and been interviewed on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Ulster amongst others.

Specialising in Traditional and Japanese style, Craig tattoos everything from small 10p sized tattoos to

Full Sleeves and Backpieces. Classic 'Tattoo style' is what Craig is passionate about, including the culture and history of tattooing. Every design that Craig tattoos is drawn for each client, and you will find original drawings and paintings by Craig all over the walls of India Street Tattoo.

Craig's unique style results in pieces of body art that will look timelessly beautiful, whilst having great craic during the process.

To book an appointment with Craig you can fill in your booking form here. 

Craig works Mon / Fri / Sat / Sun.


- Fine line, Black work, Traditional


Stefanie apprenticed under Craig Kelly for several years learning the craft in detail and started tattooing at the beginning of 2020. Stefanie loves to do a range of styles from linework and traditional tattoos, in colour or black and is very in demand for her unique style and good nature.

Stefanie works Mon / Fri / Sat

Mason Gordon

Black Work, Linework


Mason finished his apprenticeship with Craig after starting at another studio in 2021, and has since been developing his own style of unique blackwork and Line art. Mason now has several years experience and is taking on his own clients. You can contact him directly via his Instagram above, and check out his unique work and flash designs.

Mason works Tues / Wed / Thurs / Fri 

Jake Phillips | Junior Tattooist

After spending a year focusing on building his portfolio of drawings and paintings, and getting tattooed, Jake started his apprenticeship with Craig last year, and is now been tattooing independently and building his own clientelle. You can check out Jakes tattooing and available flash paintings on his Instagram above.


 Jake works Mon / Tues / Fri / Sun.

Ricky Baird
Neo Traditional, Linework, Colour work

Ricky has been tattooing for over 5 years, splitting his time between Ireland and Canada. He is well versed with working in a street shop and can take on most styles in black and grey or colour. His passion is Neo Traditional tattooing, in both black and grey and colour, he joined us at IST in 2022.

Ricky works Thurs / Fri / Sat & alternates every other Tues or Wed

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