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New Studio Procedures 

Please read so you understand what you need to do when arriving to your appointment.


Along with the extremely high standard of hygiene India Street Tattoo already prides itself on, we have some new guidelines for everyone to follow during this time to keep you, and our staff safe from spreading Covid-19. 


Whilst enforcing these guidelines, we also want to encourage everyone to chat and enjoy the experience of getting your tattoo in a safe environment, while maintaining a distance and upholding our hygiene.

If you have any questions just email us and ask, it’s a confusing time, but we are happy to help. For information on walk ins please click here.


Before you come to your appointment:


If you have a temperature or a persistent cough, or have been in contact with someone who has flu like symptoms, please rearrange your appointment. Anyone with symptoms will not be permitted in the shop past the waiting area, your deposit can be carried over to another date easily, our number is 02890 325962, or contact your artist online to reschedule.


Make sure you eat something before your appointment.


Please come to your appointment alone.

Only the person getting the tattoo will be permitted into the shop, this is to minimize the amount of people in the shop at one time. 

If 2 friends are coming to get tattoos together, one of you will have to wait at a coffee shop nearby or in the car.


We are still accepting cash only at the shop, please make arrangements to stop by the bank or cash machine before you arrive to your appointment, there are several cash machines nearby including one at the corner of our street.


You must wear a mask at all times when in the shop, one will be provided for you on arrival free of charge. The mask must cover your mouth and nose.


Please bring essential items only; wallet, keys, phone. No big coats or large bags


When you arrive at the studio:


Please park in a suitable place, you wont be able to run back and forth to top up parking,. There is a pay and display carpark on Possnett Street that you can park in all day, or on street parking for free if the space is not marked out in white lines.


Please arrive to your appointment on time, if you arrive early please wait in your car, or outside the door until your appointment time. We are aiming to stagger the arrival times of clients, so the front door will be unlocked and opened for you by your artist.


Use the hand sanitizer provided upon entering, Put on your mask and take a seat.

There are also anti-bacterial wipes for your phone if wash to play on it.


Please keep a 2 metre distance from other customers and staff members at all times in the shop.


Touching is not allowed at all, sorry; no hand shakes and no hugs. 


Fill in the waiver form while you wait, this can be found on this website.


If you touch your face or mask during the day, you will have to sanitise your hands again.


During the tattoo procedure :


When your artist is ready for you, they will bring you back to their tattoo area.


Each station area is sectioned off with wipeable screens and the floor marked into work zones to maintain distance, please stay within this zone at all times unless instructed otherwise.


Follow instructions from your artist on where/how to sit, please keep your mask on at all times.


You may place your loose belongings in the plastic box at the tattoo station.


When your tattoo is completed


After your artist has finished and wrapped up your tattoo, remember, no handshakes or hugs.


We cannot handle your phone to take pictures of your new tattoo, but can email you the picture we take.


Please make your way back to the waiting area and sanitise your hands again before handling cash and paying for your new tattoo.


After you leave:


Once you’ve left the shop you can remove your mask and take it with you, please do not litter the street.


After you leave your artist will clean down the tattoo area, all chairs will be cleaned down for the next client.


Follow the aftercare advice we will give you printed out, and make sure your hands have been washed before applying the aftercare cream.


If you were happy with the service please leave us a good review on Google or Facebook.


By following these simple rules, we can ensure that we keep you, our customers and staff and families safe, we look forward to seeing you all again soon!


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