Cover up tattoos are now more requested than ever. 

Often people got tattoos when they were younger which they now regret, some get drunken tattoos on holiday, an ex's name or some people have gone to 'cheap' tattoo artists who do poor quality work which they aren't happy with. 

With the likes of 'Tattoo Fixers' becoming widely watched, people are now more aware that they don't have to live with these mistakes. 

It takes a lot of skill and planning in order to successfully cover up an old tattoo with a new one. Not just any tattoo or tattoo artist will be able to cover a tattoo. You can't simply find a new tattoo to cover an old one with. 


Craig Kelly specialises in cover up tattoos, and draws designs to specifically cover existing tattoos, leaving no evidence of the previous tattoo.  

What's even better is that he doesn't need you to go through painful and expensive laser tattoo removal prior to covering up the tattoo.


By making use of shading and any areas of bare skin to balance the lightness and tones of the tattoo, he can create amazing artwork to cover even dark tribal tattoos. 

Your cover up tattoo will need to be larger than the tattoo you are covering in order to make use of bare skin and have the best chance of it not looking like something is being covered.


See the photos for examples of his work and use the Book an Appointment tab to book your own cover up tattoo.